Here is where you will find a bio and photo of our list of DJs.

DJ: zigzaggirl420
Coming to you LIVE from OkiEVILle (Oklahoma City, OK USA)

DJ at Braingell Radio since 2003, mother of 2 grown metal kids.

I DJ on Thursday nights from 7 pm PST to whenever the fuck I’m done!
(Usually around 10 pm) & Whenever I feel the need…
TURN ONS: I love DJing for request HOs, sex, drugs(~420~), rock n’ roll, cats, all animals, cars, tits and death metal!
TURN OFFS: Mean people, religion, rap/hip-hop, FM “metal” bands & most melodic-type euro metal crap.
Come listen, request and chat me up, anytime! \m/


DJ: RooKilla

The new Boy at Braingell, Hails from the Land Down Under, a lover of all music but his heart lays in Thrash Metal. Was a DJ for 5 years at a local Roller Skating rink, then went on to do the Radio School. Never persued local radio as he couldnt handle the restraints put on the DJ’s choices of music, but has now found the freedom of Brain Gell radio, bringing you the latest, the classic’s and all in between plus as much local Australian tallent as he can.

I do 2 styles of shows on Braingell Radio. The Metal AUSault which covers all genre’s, and The Rock Of Ages (random shows) which targets the Rock, Glam, Hair Metal side specificly.
I’m not a big fan of Death Metal and all the cookie monster stuff, so you wont find it in my set lists, but make a request, and If I have it, I’ll play it for ya. Isnt that what it’s all about, hearing the music that YOU want to hear!!!
The future of radio, Braingell Radio, We’re Hard 24/7

DJ: CrazyIvan

CrazyIvan is one of the weird DJs we have here. He plays all types of hard rock and metal. He had 6 months of FM DJ experience (all at WOZN) before being honorably discharged from the US Naval Service in 1995.. He has been DJing online since 2001 doing live and pre-recorded shows. Not only is he a DJ here, but he is also the “owner”..

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