Article Writers Wanted For

If you want to write an article for please contact CrazyIvan and he will show you how to do so with wordpress (if you are new to wordpress). The Categories we are looking for are General Metal News, CD Reviews, Concert reports, upcoming Events dealing with metal/hard rock, or anything else that is related to Braingell or the like. Your account will be upgraded from Subscriber to Editor which will allow you to post articles.

Welcome Back to the site!

Finally we have decided to dump the Joomla site and go to WordPress. I think this will allow us to make a much better experience visiting We had some issues with our database of users so if you registered before feb 2008 you should be able to log into the site with your old username and pass. Usernames are case sensitive so make sure you capitalize your username or you will not be able to logon. Please let us know what you like about the site and what you think we could add to make it more user friendly. I’ll be posting more updates as we get things going! Thx for being a Braingell Radio Fan…

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