Updated Ozzy Information – No Ozzfest In 2009

OZZY OSBOURNE is currently in the studio in Los Angeles co-producing his 10th studio album with Kevin Churko. The new CD is the rock & roll legend’s follow-up to 2007’s Black Rain which debuted in the Top Ten on the album charts in 11 countries and spawned OZZY’s first ever #1 active rock track, “I Don’t Wanna Stop” (which also sat atop the Heritage Rock chart for more than 20 weeks). The two-time Grammy Award winner has decided that he will not be touring until he has a new album in-stores (currently projected to be Thanksgiving 2009). Thus, OZZY has decided to put his namesake festival OZZFEST on hold this year. In the meantime, if you need an OZZY fix you can watch him with Sharon, Kelly and Jack on the “first family of rock’s” return to television. THE OSBOURNES: RELOADED is set to launch this spring on Fox TV. Stay tuned for more information THE OSBOURNES: RELOADED and the new OZZY OSBOURNE album.

Ticketmaster & Live Nation Announce Merger Plan

liveticketI’m more than a little wary of a huge merger like this between ticketing giant Ticketmaster and concert promoter Live Nation. This new behemoth company Live Nation Entertainment will produce a stranglehold in the concert business.

How much is this going to cost us concert goers? I’m already fed up with all the fee’s involved in buying a damn Ticketmaster ticket. I get a $12 handling fee, $4 processing fee, and to top it off a damn $2.50 fee to print out my own tickets using my ink and paper! That’s about  30% markup in the ticket price just to do business with Ticketmaster. 

A statement on Bruce Springsteen’s website says “The one thing that would make the current ticket situation even worse for the fan than it is now would be Ticketmaster and Live Nation coming up with a single system, thereby returning us to a near-monopoly situation in music ticketing,” 

The merger between Live Nation and Ticketmaster could be completed within a few days. Hopefully the new concert giant will face a vigorous antitrust investigation before getting the approval.

Article Writers Wanted For Braingell.com

If you want to write an article for Braingell.com please contact CrazyIvan and he will show you how to do so with wordpress (if you are new to wordpress). The Categories we are looking for are General Metal News, CD Reviews, Concert reports, upcoming Events dealing with metal/hard rock, or anything else that is related to Braingell or the like. Your account will be upgraded from Subscriber to Editor which will allow you to post articles.

Welcome Back to the site!

Finally we have decided to dump the Joomla site and go to WordPress. I think this will allow us to make a much better experience visiting braingell.com. We had some issues with our database of users so if you registered before feb 2008 you should be able to log into the site with your old username and pass. Usernames are case sensitive so make sure you capitalize your username or you will not be able to logon. Please let us know what you like about the site and what you think we could add to make it more user friendly. I’ll be posting more updates as we get things going! Thx for being a Braingell Radio Fan…

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