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Why Dont People Realise I Like Metal In My 40’s

Ok. Picture the scene. Its a well known retailer of newspapers and magazines and I am queuing with two purchases. Firstly, my daily newspaper- a well known broadsheet, famed for exposing MPs expense scandals. My second is a copy of Metal Hammer, perhaps the best known monthly heavy metal/rock/alt magazine in the UK. As it’s …

Immortal US and Canada 2010 Tour Dates and Tickets

IMMORTAL will be bringing their Blashyrkh in North America 2010 to the USA and Canada for a series of exclusive shows in 2010. Abbath, Horgh, Apollyon, and Demonaz of the Norwegian black metal band IMMORTAL have issued the following statement: “North American hordes, we are coming your way!  After the fantastic experiences we had in …

Track By Track Synopsis of Immortal’s New Album “All Shall Fail”

James Minton of the UK’s Terrorizer Magazine has posted an exclusive track-by-track breakdown of All Shall Fall, the new album from reunited Norwegian black metallers IMMORTAL, due later this year via Nuclear Blast Records. Read the track breakdown by clicking here. The album was recorded at Grieghallen and Abyss Studios in Norway and Sweden, respectively. All …

Terrorizer Post First Demo Tracks Since Guitarist’s Passing

TERRORIZER have posted 3 new demo tracks on their MySpace page. The songs, “Hordes Of Zombies”, “Legacy Of Brutality” and “Crematorium” – are the first tracks the grindcore heroes have recorded since the passing of guitarist Jesse Pintado in 2006.

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