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MACHINE HEAD to Release Second Live CD “Machine Head Fucking Live”

Machine Head will release their second live CD Machine Fucking Head Live on November 13. The Machine Fucking Head Live was recorded at various tour stops and includes songs such as “Imperium,” “Aesthetics of Hate,” “Locust” “Ten Ton Hammer,” “This Is The End” and “Halo.” “The Head Cases have been so intense on this tour cycle that we …

Machine Head – Aesthetics Of Hate 10.02.2010 @ Gasometer Wien

This video of a fan in Austria who said he could play Aesthetics Of Hate. Machine Head gave him a break and pulled him on stage to play the song.. The guy kills it.. Most bands would just ignore their fans, but Machine Head shows how they love their fans by doing this.. [bgr_profile1]f-yg7mkefjE[/bgr_profile1]

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