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PHILIP ANSELMO: The Evel Kneivel of Fucking Goddamn Metal Talks About “War of the Gargantuas”

Former Pantera and current Down singer Philip Anselmo recently did an interview with Johnny Firecloud of Crave Online.  Check out some of that interview below. Crave Online: I’ve heard [your two solo] songs [that appear on the “War Of The Gargantuas” split album with Warbeast], man… and holy shit. Holy shit. What motivated the solo route? Anselmo: Thank you, buddy. …

Setlist and Pics from Opeth’s March 29 Gig in Mexico

Some snapshots from a rare OPETH’s performance in Mexico can be found here, along with their setlist, which was as follows: Heir Apparent Ghost of Perdition Godhead’s Lament The Lepper Affinity Credence Hessian Peel Closure The Night And The Silent Water The Lotus Eater Deliverance

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