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ANTARCTICA: Re-Releasing “Beheaded by Voltron” as Free Download for All

Math-grinders ANTARCTICA are issuing a 2010 re-release of their old full length, which includes bass guitar tracks Tom Noyd of BOHRIUM. You can grab the funcore, for nothing, at this location. Band: Antarctica Album: Beheaded By Voltron Year: 2009/2010 Genre: Mathcore/Grind Location: Humboldt County, California (USA) Myspace: www.myspace.com/antarcticaiscold Go to SMNnews

Poison The Well Post Track Listing For ‘The Tropic Rot’

POISON THE WELL will release their upcoming new album The Tropic Rot on July 7th via Ferret Music, check out the track list below: 1. “Exist Underground” 2. “Sparks It Will Rain” 3. “Cinema” 4. “Pamplemousse” 5. “Who Doesn’t Love a Good Dismemberment?” 6. “Antarctica Inside Me” 7. “When You Lose, I Lose As Well” …

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