EARACHE Announces EXTREME STAGE DIVING APP Winner; Still Offering Free Apps!

In November 2010, Earache Records released EARACHE EXTREME STAGE DIVING, a completely free and highly-addictive app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

CHAINED AND DESPERATE Inks Deal with Pitch Black Records

PITCH BLACK RECORDS announces the addition of Greek melodic black metal outfit CHAINED AND DESPERATE into its roster of artists with the

BULLDOZER Releasing Special Edition of “Unexpected Fate”

Bulldozer is, without a doubt, one of the most important and influential thrash metal bands to ever merge from the European underground,

NEGATIVE EXISTANCE to Release Old Wainds ‘Where the Snows are Never Gone’ in March

Old Wainds Where the Snows are Never Gone Negative Existence Release: 3/18/2011 In 1997 Old Wainds’ Where the Snows are Never Gone


Do I like to read? No. I only read books that deal with metal music, and “Metalion: The Slayer Mag Diaries” is

Varg Vikernes Of Burzum Talks New Album “Fallen”

Varg Vikernes of Burzum is easily among the most infamous names in metal, being an icon who is both respected for his

Demilich ‘Nespithe’ Legendary – 95%

This album is a hidden gem and a lost classic. Think back to early Scandinavian extreme metal and one immediately thinks of

Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist Is Just A Stupid Drunk

Remember the tale of the guitarist who went “missing” before his album was to be released?  Well, Zoltan Bathory of FIVE FINGER

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