Tag: Black Lips

Zoroaster Enter the Studio to Record “Matador”

Critically acclaimed “psych metal” band ZOROASTER has entered Atlanta’s Living Room Studios (Mastodon, The Black Lips) to begin the recording of its hotly anticipated new album, Matador.  A July release via E1 Music is expected. ZOROASTER is working with producer Sanford Parker (Pelican, The Gates of Slumber) on the new album, which will be mastered by …

GZA and Black Lips Offer MP3 Download of Fusion Track

GZA and BLACK LIPS are formally releasing their rap/rock fusion track from SXSW, titled “The Drop I Hold” – even if they think it’s rubbish. “[It’s a] bad idea,” Jared Swilley of BLACK LIPS tells Spinner of rap/rock combos. “It’s led to some of the worst music of all-time. It can be done tastefully, but …

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