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Lye By Mistake Reveal “Invicible Badass” off BMA Debut

LYE BY MISTAKE have revealed “Invincible Badass,” a brand new track off their forthcoming second album (and Black Market Activities debut), Fea Jur. Hear “Invincible Badass” here. “Invincible Badass” showcases LYE BY MISTAKE’s blazing prog-metal fusion, formerly with vocals, now instrumental.

Engineer Have Nine Songs Written for Next BMA Release

Syracuse, NY’s ENGINEER will begin recording for its next album following its upcoming tour with TIDES. The album will be ENGINEER’s second release with Black Market Activities since “The Dregs” in 2007. Guitarist Ryan Gorham comments, “We have about nine songs ready to go. We plan on playing some of these songs while on tour …

Ed Gein Bassist Suffering from Bangover

Aaron Jenkins, bassist/vocalist for ED GEIN nearly recovered from his metal induced stupor, took a moment to recap the band’s show in a long time at last weekend’s Shaun Luu Horror Fest and ED GEIN’s plans for the immediate future: “I have the worst bangover ever. This weekend was amazing from start to finish. I …

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