C’mon…You Know You Want To Write For Braingell.com

Braingell is back asking for writers!  The writers we do have simply don’t have the time to write a lot of articles

KISS is a Comic-Book Band According to AEROSMITH’s Steven Tyler

According to a report on blabbermouth.net, Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry were guests on a radio show, (which shall remain

Interview With Obituary (via SicAsylum)

This is just a preview of things yet to come at what is yet to come over at SicAsylum, where the full

Braingell’s DJ CrazyIvan Interviews Jay Reynolds from Malice

CrazyIvan has a good interview with Jay Reynolds (guitar) from the band Malice. CrazyIvan starts the interview off with getting some brackground

JOEY TEMPEST of EUROPE to be Interviewed by Braingell / Requesting Questions!

Europe’s frontman, Joey Tempest will be in London UK next Tuesday, 03/27, to meet up with Braingell’s very own UK metal maestro,

Keeping Your Special Metalhead

If you’ve been following my articles, then you’ve presumably read my dating tips on how to bag yourself a nice metal guy,

Charred Walls of the Damned’s Richard Christy Remembers 9/11

While many Braingell readers know him from his drum work with the likes of Death, Controlled Denied, Iced Earth, and his current group,

Love and a .38 Bassist, JUSTIN EMORD, To Release Signature Line of Guitar Straps

Braingell was lucky enough to have Justin Emord, bassist for the band Love and a .38, get with us to  discuss his

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