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Enter To Win an Anniversary Edition of Slipknot’s Epic 2001 Album ‘Iowa’ (videos)

In many ways, the time leading up to the release of Slipknot’s epic sophomore album, Iowa, was quite dark: tensions within the band were running high as they aimed to craft an album that could not only live up to, but ultimately surpass the spitfire intensity of their breakout eponymous 1999 debut. The resulting tracks …

MASSIVE SLAVERY and ROCKGAMER STUDIOS Produce 1st Song with True Double Bass for The Rock Band Video Game

Canadian death metal band MASSIVE SLAVERY will have the honour of introducing the concept of ‘true authentic double bass drumming’ for The Rock Band Video Game via their song “Humanity’s Last Hope”. According to a press release from RockGamer Studios who are producing  2 versions of this song; one regular version with a single kick …

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