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Members of MUNICIPAL WASTE and Former Members of DARKEST HOUR Form IRON REAGAN

Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste, No Friends), LandPhil Hall (Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse), Ryan Parish (Darkest Hour, Suppression, City of Caterpillar) and Paul Burnette (Darkest Hour, Crack Head) have formed a ripping new band called Iron Reagan. The band just released a free 4 song demo available on their bandcamp page. The Demo was recorded in …

Darkest Hour – The Eternal Return

The Eternal Return is yet another whimsical metal release from those dudes in Darkest Hour. With a scintillating title that seems to tell a tale much deeper than one might suspect, the quintet relied turned to underground producer Brian McTernan to supply the beef behind the curtains. After the 2007 release of Deliver Us, the …

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