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Gary Holt Performs with SLAYER; Tom Araya Checks Into Hospital

Ok, that headline may be slightly misleading. It’s not as if Gary Holt’s first performance with Slayer, stepping in for the infected Jeff Hanneman, was what led to Tom Araya’s hospitalization. No, in fact, Holt’s debut performance with the band went off mostly without a hitch (did I hear a fuckup in the intro to …

Joey Jordison Taken to Hospital for Health Reasons

SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison was taken to hospital on Saturday night, August 22 due to “health concerns”. The band consequently canceled their scheduled performance in Seattle, stating they were confident on Joey “making a full recovery and continuing the tour in Kennewick, WA on Sunday.” No further cancellations have been noted, but…you’ve now been warned:

Arsis Frontman Comes Clean About Personal Demons

In an interview with Noisecreep.com today, ARSIS frontman, James Malone, talks about the disastrous year the band has had. On March 18th, the vocalist/guitarist sent out a press release apologizing to his fans, record label, and booking agent for all the cancellations and problems the band has been having as of late. In this new …

Arsis Guitarist Explains Tour Cancellations

In light of recent cancellations and band member exits, ARSIS guitarist/vocalist, James Malone has released the following statement via his publicist: “I owe more than a few people an apology at this time. Over the past few months Arsis has had to drop off two tours and the fault lies on my shoulders. ┬áThose who …

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