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“The Black Sabbath Show” Cartoon + Beavis & Butthead Sing Along to Iron Man

Have any of you guys ever  heard of RockTube.com?  Color me a little late in the game on this one but I‘m glad I found it.  I came across a couple of vids having to do with Black Sabbath and hopefully you’ll dig ’em, too.  The first is a Beavis and Butthead vid and the …

POWERGLOVE: “Saturday Morning Apocalypse” Tracklisting

POWERGLOVE will be releasing their brand new album, Saturday Morning Apocalypse, on September 28. The tracklisting for this cartoon themed metal extravaganza is below: POWERGLOVE — Saturday Morning Apocalypse 1. X-Men 2. Gotta Catch Em All 3. The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest 4. This Is Halloween 5. Batman 6. Transformers 7. Inspector Gadget 8. …

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