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KROKUS Reveals New Mascot – Da Dög

Coinciding with the release of their new album Dirty Dynamite today in Europe (North America on March 5), Krokus has also revealed the band’s new mascot – Da Dög.  This is the dog that is featured on the cover of Dirty Dynamite sporting aviator goggles and a cigarette hanging from his mouth. Da Dög and Krokus …

MANDY MEYER Rejoins KROKUS After 30 Years; New Album Out in February

Guitarist Mandy Meyer has rejoined the Krokus lineup 30 years later for the band’s upcoming album Dirty Dynamite. Founder Chris Von Rohr and Fernando Von Arb are thrilled to have him back in the fold with Fernando proclaiming, “Now the Krokus family is complete again.” Mandy Meyer replaced original guitarist Tommy Kiefer (RIP) for the …

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