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MASTODON’s Troy Sanders Lists Ad in Craigslist to Sell Home

In the market for a new home?  Maybe something in the $134k range  with 3 bdrms/2.5 baths in Decatur, GA?   If this peaks your interested then head over to Craigslist to get all the specifics because the seller is Troy Sanders of Mastodon! One thing though…the realtor spelled Mastodon wrong…doh!

Torment ID Interview

Straight out of Hunting Beach, California, some heavily influenced heavy metallers known only as Torment Id, pronounced just as it sounds Torment Id, two words Torment and Id need I remind you again? With that said, the band started with guitarist David D or Beast during April 2007. The idea and band name came from …

Weird Al Yankovic Returns with “Craigslist” Video

Weird Al Yankovic and his parodies are back. This time, the theme is “Craigslist”…with a hint of Jim Morrison of THE DOORS. The bizarre video was directed by Liam Lynch, whose credits include the Tenacious D movie and Sarah Silverman’s ‘Jesus Is Magic.’

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