Tag: Darkology

FIREWIND Replaces Vocalist

Firewind vocalist Apollo Papathanasio has left the band and has been temporarily replaced by Kelly Sundown Carpenter (left) of Beyond, Twilight, Outworld,  Darkology, Adagio. Commented Firewind: “Today we are in the unfortunate position to announce that Apollo has decided to step down permanently from the vocal duties in Firewind. “For the past few years, it was evident that Apollo could not …

LANCE KING To Release ‘A Moment in Chiros’

Lance King is soon to release his solo album, A Moment In Chiros.  Lance has sung for many metal bands in his career, including Defyance, The Kings Machine, Empire, Gemini, Decibel, Balance of Power, Pyramaze, Shining Star and Avian. He is also known for singing in a traditional metal style with falsetto vocals in the …

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