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Reports of Physical Altercation Between CATTLE DECAPITATION and SIX FEET UNDER; CATTLE DECAPITATION Leaves Autumn Apocalypse Tour

Cattle Decapitation has pulled itself from the Autumn Apocalypse Tour.  This on the heels of reports of a physical altercation between vocalist Travis Ryan and Six Feet Under’s Chris Barnes. Cattle Decapitation has now issued the following official statement about leaving the tour: “Cattle Decapitation has left the Autumn Apocalypse Tour. This leaves us without …

DECAPITATED: Studio Report #3

  Polish technical death metal band DECAPITATED continue their work at Radio Gdańsk Studio in Poland recording their Nuclear Blast debut and follow-up to 2006’s Organic Hallucinosis. “Hi Everyone, We are half-way through with guitar tracking. All is going according to the plan and in a few days we are starting with the bass. The …

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