PHILIP ANSELMO: The Evel Kneivel of Fucking Goddamn Metal Talks About “War of the Gargantuas”

Former Pantera and current Down singer Philip Anselmo recently did an interview with Johnny Firecloud of Crave Online.  Check out some of that interview

VINNIE PAUL: Reuniting Pantera without His Brother Just Doesn’t Make Any Sense

If you’re a lover of  Southern Fried Metal then you’re well aware of Pantera, Dimebag, and the ongoing pursuit of seeing some


The Scream Queen recently conducted an interview with drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott (HELLYEAH, PANTERA). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow

Bassist Sean Yseult: ‘I Had Girls Coming Backstage To Meet Me Thinking I Was A Dude’

Matt Staggs of Suvudu did an interview with former WHITE ZOMBIE bassist Sean Yseult about Sean‘s new book, “I’m In The Band

Phil Anselmo to Perform at Dimebash 2010

Is the legendary Philip Anselmo set to perform at Dimebash 2010? After Dimebash 2010 details were released last week, an Artisan News

Dear Metal Bands, Be Yourself!

There are lots of things in music that piss me off as you’ve seen already or you’ll see soon.  One of the

Lazarus A.D. – Jeff Paulick (Vocals, Bass)

It’s a Saturday afternoon in a sunny Santa Barbara, CA on State Street. While SB is not really known for being a

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