Tag: Doob

Lamb of God’s RANDY BLYTHE Pissed Off with All the Blabbering

There’s no other way to say this.  I could dance around it and make it sound all news reporter-like but here it is:  Randy Blythe, of Lamb of God, is ticked off about personal comments  posted on the Internet and specifically those made in the comments section of Blabbermouth.net.  Randy has “vocalized” his thoughts in …

Uncle Ted Caught Cheating in the Woods

Ted Nugent is the shit!  Color me older than dirt but I can remember way back in the day when I was poppin’ in my 8-track cassettes out in the smoking area at school.  There was always about 8-10 of us, all in a circle behind this one particular tree and passin’ the doob with …

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