BOLERO Giving Fans Free Download of ‘Pints Held High’

Here’s a band that I’m truly diggin’ – Canadian symphonic Celtic death metallers Bolero! These guys have posted their lastest single “Pints

TIMES OF GRACE: Killswitch Engage Duo Offer Free Download of New Music

Remember when KILLSWITCH ENGAGE reunited with Jesse Leach? Sort of. TIMES OF GRACE, the new project that reteams KILLSWITCH ENGAGE guitarist and

Gene Simmons Says Record Companies To Blame For Illegal Music Downloading

Gene Simmons wants to remind everyone that “stealing music, downloading it for free, is like someone stealing your weekly paycheck.” The KISS

Download Free Deftones Music from Their New Album “Diamond Eyes”

DEFTONES are proud to announce the release of their long -awaited new album entitled Diamond Eyes, scheduled for release May 18, 2010. 

Smile Empty Soul Release MP3 Download Of Nirvana Cover Online

During the recording sessions for their new album “Consciousness”, which was released through F.O.F Label Group/EMI earlier this year, SMILE EMPTY SOUL

Fact: Pirates Buy 10 Times More Music

Those who download “free” music from P2P Networks are more likely to spend money on legit downloads than those who are squeaky

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