At The Coach House September 2nd – NECKTAR w/Brainticket & Huw Lloyd Langton

NEKTAR Nektar’s contribution over the last 40 years has quite rightly earned them their place in any ‘Progressive Rock Hall of Fame’.

KATANA Here to Usher in New Era of Pure Heavy Metal

Livin’ Without Fear Blade of Katana Phoenix on Fire Neverending World Heart of Tokyo Asia in Sight Across the Stars Rebel Ride

STAMPEDE To Release New Album “A Sudden Impulse” (video)

Stampede released long awaited new studio album “A Sudden Impulse” May 9, 2011 The video from the opening track “Send Me Down

Big 4 DVD Goes Double Platinum In US

The two-disc DVD release of “The Big Four: Live From Sofia, Bulgaria”, containing footage of the June 22, 2010 Sonisphere cinecast from

CRADLE OF FILTH: Interview Dani Filth

Mr. Dani Filth has updates a massive blog full of wonderful CRADLE OF FILTH news and goings on. Turns out he is

Billy Idol to Release Live DVD on November 16th

BILLY IDOL will be releasing In Super Overdrive Live, a DVD featuring many of his hits on November 16th.  The show was

Lääz Rockit – Nothing$ $acred (re-release)

LAAZ ROCKIT was part of the Bay Area thrash scene in the early eighties who never achieved the popularity or recognition like

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