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Who Are Van Canto?

As regular listeners to my show on here are aware, i have been highlighting a certain group called Van Canto. Now the problem is, no-one seems to have heard of them, but have been a hit on my show, with the American audience i have, (which is about 90%). So here we go, a history …

IN LEGEND Streaming “Ballads ‘N’ Bullets”

IN LEGEND, the world’s first “Piano Metal” band is preparing to release their new album “Ballads ‘N’ Bullets” June 14th on SPV/Synthetic Symphony. Today The New Review is offering an exclusive first listen to IN LEGEND’s “Ballads ‘N’ Bullets” in its entirety at http://thenewreview.net/all-access/album-stream-in-legend-ballads-n-bullets.  Also be sure to check out a track by track overview …

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