Noriega – Brandon Gillichbauer (bass), Jackson Thompson (drums)

Recently, Alex Gilbert at SMNnews got the chance to chat with Brandon Gillichbauer and Jackson Thompson of Southern Cali upstart metal band,

Evergreen Terrace – Josh James (guitar/vocals)

In lieu with the release from our friends EVERGREEN TERRACE’s latest masterpiece, Almost Home, and its debut at #53 on the Billboard

The Accused – Tommy Accused (guitar)

Thanks via our friends in Earsplit PR, SMNnews jumped on the opportunity to interview Tommy [Niemeyer] Accused, guitarist of the legendary band,

Cauldron – Ian Chains (Guitars/Vocals)

Recently, Ian Chains (Guitars/Vocals) of Canadian heavy metallers CAULDRON and SMNnews got together for an interview.  Looks like the band has some

Starring Janet Leigh – Matt Zadkovich (guitar)

Recently, SMN News had the chance to catch up with our friend Matt Zadkovich of Ironclad Recordings latest signees, STARRING JANET LEIGH. 

Pulling Teeth – Chris Kuhn (bass) & Mike Riley (vocals)

Just recently, SMN News has interviewed Chris Kuhn (bass), and Mike Riley (vocals) of Deathwish Inc.’s powerhouse, PULLING TEETH.  As much fun as

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