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GOD DETHRONED: First Song off New Album “Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross”

Make sure to surf over to http://www.metalblade.com/goddethroned to stream the title track off the new album, Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross. Comments singer/guitarist Henri Sattler on the title track: “The 1905 Schlieffen Plan made by the Prussian Count von Schlieffen after England signed the previous Entente Cordiale in 1904 with France. The plan …

GOD DETHRONED: New Album Title, Concept Revealed

Dutch death metallers GOD DETHRONED have finished recording their ninth album, “Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross”, at the Soundlodge Studios in Leer, Germany. Comments singer/guitarist Henri Sattler: “Just like with our two previous albums, we’ve been recording at Soundlodge with producer Jörg Uken. “‘Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross’ is another concept album about World War One. Having …

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