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Its a Hardcore Life: The Hardcore Dancing Documentary

Every metalhead has experienced them. The vile moshzillas of the world who ninja fight their way through a performance. Whether you’ve been struck by a flying elbow or tolerated someone “picking up change” – then this preview for a ‘hardcore dancing documentary‘ surely is not for you. The Hardcore Dancing Documentary was filmed close to …

‘Lawson White Heat’: Action Comedy feat. Members of Ravage Available Online for Free

“Lawson: White Heat, the “hilarious feature-length action comedy adventure extravaganza” featuring cameos by present members of Metal Blade Records recording artists RAVAGE and produced by former RAVAGE members John ‘The Ogre’ Koziol, Barry Delahanty, and Tommy Grimaldi is now online for free viewing at www.lawsonwhiteheat.com The film made it’s theatrical debut at a sold-out midnight …

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