Tag: Fender Bass

3 INCHES OF BLOOD Vocalist Selling His Bass Guitar

3 Inches of Blood vocalist Cam Pipes is looking to sell his ’96 Fender Precision bass.  Cam posted about the sale on the band’s Facebook page.  Go hit up Cam there if you’re interested!   I (Cam) am selling my 1996 Fender Precision bass (made in USA). It has been used in various recording sessions …

Mnemic Auctioning Off 5-String Fender Jazz Bass Guitar

We don’t know much about bass guitars, especially when they have more than 4 strings, but Denmark’s MNEMIC is auctioning a 5-string Fender Jazz bass.  States the band: “This bass is an integral part of MNEMIC’s history. It was used in the very first Antfarm Studio with Tue Madsen to record the bass lines for the …

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