What is a Biffy Clyro? The Question On Everyones Lips

ENGLAND–The Metallica Throws a Bone to Their Less Successful Peers Charity Festival continues next summer as the Big Four of thrash have

And Hell Followed With – Kyle Mcilmurray (guitar)

Recently, I got the chance to speak with AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH guitarist Kyle McIlmurray.  Check it out as he gives us

AC/DC: Iron Man 2 Out April 19, “Shoot to Thrill” Premiere

AC/DC has just announced AC/DC: Iron Man 2, the official album set to be released April 19th through Columbia Records in support

Deftones Perform “Passenger” w/ Dillinger Escape Plan’s Frontman

On November19 and 20 benefit concerts were held for DEFTONES bassist Chi Cheng. The musician was in a horrific accident in late

Lazarus A.D. – Jeff Paulick (Vocals, Bass)

It’s a Saturday afternoon in a sunny Santa Barbara, CA on State Street. While SB is not really known for being a

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