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GLYDER Premiere New Track + Plus New Singer

If you’re hip to the 70’s classic rock genre of tunes then check out some GLYDER.  The guys are from Ireland  are premiering a track from their new album “Backroads to Byzantium” today on Noisecreep.  The song entitled “Fade to Dust” can be heard at: http://www.noisecreep.com/2011/09/14/glyder-fade-to-dust-song/ To get all the details plus news about a …

Mike Martin of All That Remains video interview with SMNNEWS

SMNNEWS posts its 5th video from the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival on July 12, 2009 in San Bernardino, CA. This time we speak with MIKE MARTIN, Guitarist for ALL THAT REMAINS. Mike fills us in that Utah is their biggest radio market and how they performed TESLA style, that they are, “not Christian” and his …

Instrumentalist Trio Skeletonbreath Releasing “Eagle’s Nest, Devil’s Cave” Today

SKELETONBREATH, a Brooklyn based instrumentalist trio, is releasing their latest full length offering Eagle’s Nest, Devil’s Cave today. Tracklisting can be found below, tunes can be heard here. Tracklisting: 1. Dick Tracy 2. Dylan Fisher 3. Machinists 4. Taxidermist Convention 5. Llarimo 6. Skeletonbreath 7. The Combustible Man 8. Texarcana 9. Caveman 10. Silk City

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