Tag: Foliage

Backyard Burial Frontman’s Death Shocks Top Officer

A murderer’s brutal attack on Johnsonville death-metal singer Matthew John Hall has shocked the case’s senior detective. “Having been in the police for 23 years, it’s some of the most vicious, ferocious injuries that I have ever seen,” Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Thornton said yesterday. Mr Hall, 35, was asleep at home in Broderick Rd …

Wolfmother: Webisode 2 from “The Cosmic Egg”

WOLFMOTHER’s Transmissions From The Cosmic Egg: Episode 2 has just landed on the webisphere. The second video in the behind the scenes series transplants WOLFMOTHER‘ from their native Austrailia to a Los Angeles park where the wander through the foliage speaking on the Cosmic Egg. WOLFMOTHER front man Andrew Stockdale explains that the record has …

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