Another Rambling From A Crazy Metalhead: The Everywhere And Nowhere All At Once Edition

There are a lot of times where I don’t particularly have 500 words or more to say about anything in particular but

Random Grumblings Of A Crazy Metalhead Part 1

So everybody including us here at Braingell has reported on the news that Life of Agony frontman Keith Caputo is transforming into

Fred Durst to FINALLY Gets the Recognition He Deserves

This article comes by the suggestion of our mistress of metal  – DJ ZigZagGirl.  After I checked it out on …she

Rammstein – Madison Square Garden – December 11th, 2010

For eleven years, America has been waiting for the glorious return of Germany’s finest musical export.  There was all of the hype

The Top Five Worst Heavy Metal Cover Songs

From Pop goes Punk and THE DEMONSTRATION’s cover of Lady GaGa to CHILDREN OF BODOM covering Britney Spears, there are some interesting

Metal Sex Acts

Thought we should continue on with the sex theme we started last week with our Top 10 Lists. Today we explore the

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