Where Is The Line Of How Far To Redefine?

When it comes to metal, nothing will piss fans off more than a band changing musical direction.  But nothing pisses fans off

Original: Most Interesting Uses Of The Suffix ‘-Core’

Needless to say, American hardcore music has been one of the most influential subcultural movements in recent history. It’s blisteringly fast and

Roger Miret And The Disasters: Gotta Get Up Now to Be Released January 15, 2011

“Stand Up And Fight” is more than just the opening track from ROGER MIRET AND THE DISASTERS’ fourth album, “Gotta Get Up

Noisecreep Premieres New Track

Starting today NOISECREEP.com is hosting an exclusive premiere of the track “Stand Up and Fight” from the forthcoming ROGER MIRET AND THE

Major Label CEO Dangles the Carrot Once Again

Remember when we asked you if you supported major labels? Now Universal Music Group Distribution president and CEO Jim Urie is back

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