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Lillian Axe – Steve Blaze (guitar)

Louisiana hard rockers LILLIAN AXE, led by founder and guitarist Steve Blaze, have just released their 9th album, Deep Red Shadows. The title is a take-off of the song “Deep Blue Shadows” from 1993’s Psychoschizophrenia. Long time vocalist Derrick LeFevre has recently been replaced by former METAL CHURCH vocalist Ronny Munroe, and he and Steve …

Steve Blaze – Lillian Axe (guitars)

Hard rock/metal band LILLIAN AXE has been around for a long time. Forming in the late ’80s, the band has only had moderate success, while accumulating a faithful fan base through their live gigs. Guitarist Steve Blaze has been the anchor of the band from the beginning and still carries on with the music he …

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