Tag: Imminent Arrival

PSYCROPTIC: Temporary Vocalist Announced for Nile Tour

PSYCROPTIC will be joined by guest vocalist Zdenek Simecek (GODLESS TRUTH) on their upcoming US tour with NILE, EX DEO, KEEP OF KALESSIN and PATHOLOGY. Vocalist Jason Peppiatt will be unable to join the band on the tour due to the¬†imminent arrival of his newborn son. “A month or so after we confirmed the US …

LORDI: New Masks Revealed

With every new LORDI album comes a brand new look for the band and now with the imminent arrival of the band’s fifth studio album Babez for Breakfast, LORDI has new masks to reveal. This time their costumes as well as the music on the new album have¬†a hint of the golden 80’s. The main …

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