Second Studio Update from CHILDREN OF BODOM

Children Of Bodom (aka COB) have issued a second studio update from the Danger Johnny Studios in Helsinki, where the band began

Show Report: IMMORTAL and ABSU destroy Back Stage Live in San Antonio, Texas (with Photos)

When it was announced that IMMORTAL would be doing a 6 day run of shows in the U.S., I immediately made arrangements

This Week In Dallas Music History: If Heavy Metal Ain’t Dead, It Sure Acts Like It

In this edition of This Week In Dallas Music History, Robert Wilonsky responds to the uproar caused by his 1995 review of

Essential Black Metal Listening: DARKTHRONE – A Blaze in the Northern Sky

Here’s a kick-ass article by James Zalucky from Definitely give this guy a read.. Faded am I, behind a wall of

Immortal’s 2011 US Tour Dates, Tickets, Support Bands

Norwegian black metal band IMMORTAL will return to the US to play six exclusive shows in February 2011.  IMMORTAL is bringing special

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS: Confirms Release Date

Candlelight Records today confirms September 28 as the North American release date for In the Absence of Light, the second full-length album

Belphegor to Record New Album, Peter Tägtgren Will Produce

Death/black metal titans BELPHEGOR will enter The Abyss Studios in Pärbly, Sweden on June 19, to start recording the drums for their

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