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HEXFIRE: Jonno Lodge Video Recording Session Online

As previously reported, English drummer Jonno Lodge (Biomechanical, ex-Paul Di’Anno) has been in the studio to record blistering drums for the remaining eight songs from HEXFIRE’s new album. The recording session took place at the Staffordshire Phoenixx Studios with engineer Stephen Parkinson. Video footage from Jonno Lodge’s HEXFIRE recording session is below: Go to SMNnews

HEXFIRE: Celebrate Guest Star Drummers in Video Update

Polish power metal band HEXFIRE has just added the video of Diego “Grom” Meraviglia (formerly Ancient and Doomsword) talking about recording drums on their new album. Meravglia joins two other well-known drummers who recorded drum tracks for HEXFIRE’s upcoming effort, Alex Holzwarth of Rhapsody of Fire, Avantasia and Jonno Lodge of Biomechanical, ex- Paul DiAnno. …

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