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TERROR Posts Documentary; To Tour with BANE, NAYSAYER, ROTTING OUT

Terror have now posted the full, uncut version of the previously released documentary about front-man Scott Vogel and Terror. Originally posted as a series, fans can now view the entire movie from start to finish. Focusing on Vogel’s early bands, plus the history of Terror from the band’s formation through the making of their latest …

TERROR: Full Album Teaser for “Keepers of the Faith”

TERROR are bringing the mosh with their next Century Media effort Keepers of the Faith. A track by track album teaser for TERROR’s newest album can be found below. It’ll be out September 14. Full MP3 streams from TERROR can be found at: http://www.myspace.com/terror. Go to SMNnews

TERROR: Scott Vogel Wants Your Pics and Video Footage

TERROR’s Scott Vogel has checked in from the road and wants your pics and video footage for an upcoming live release: 5 days into the Keepers of the Faith tour and things are going perfect. All the bands are very cool and doing their thing. Makes me happy to see hardcore in such a good …

Terror Working On New Album

In a recent interview with Way Too Loud!, frontman for TERROR, a certain Scott Vogel and bassist David Wood revealed some details on the upcoming album that TERROR is working on. It’ll be produced by Chad Gilbert and will be titled Keepers of the Faith: Way Too Loud!: It sounds like you’ve got plans for …

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