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GWAR-B-Q Venue Change / Indoor Cooking Allowed But Only For Drugs

GWAR has changed their GWAR-B-Q” venue from Hadad’s Water Park to Richmond’s National Theater. There’s no better way to explain all the hairy details other than letting GWAR explain it to you in their most fucked up wonderful way… In a stunning display of cat-like agility, Slave Pit today announced a last -second venue change …

GWAR’S “GWAR-B-Q” Rescheduled For September 17TH, First Line-Up of Bands and Venue Announced!!!

I received this press release this morning from Slave Pit Inc. regarding the upcoming GWAR-B-Q.¬† It’s useless for me to attempt spreading the love of this information without losing the essence of GWAR¬† so, I’m just going to let them say it. We are proud to announce that we finally have figured out what the …

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