COLDSTEEL Debuts Video for America Idle Title Track

“Recession! Depression! Inflation! Taxation!” And you’re going to sit idly by and hope someone else does something about it? COLDSTEEL says “Hell

SEBASTIAN BACH Reunites With Original SKID ROW Drummer

Former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach has posted the following message on his Facebook page: “Just had dinner with Rob Affuso, the

Multi-Platinum Band RATT, Drummer Autobiography: ‘Tales of a RATT, Things You Shouldn’t Know’ New Interactive Book Series

This new informational book “series” will give the publishing industry a kick in the ass by inviting the world to participate in

Kataklysm Post Road Update, Plug Ex Deo

KATAKLYSM recently checked in from the road while on tour with NAPALM DEATH, TOXIC HALOCAUST, COLISEUM, and TRAP THEM.  Frontman Maurizio Iacono offered the

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