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Fuck Yeah! Metal Cats!!

Source:  Metal Injection Cats are pretty huge on the internet, and metal is pretty huge around these parts of the internet, so naturally we are incredibly excited about the newest blog on the street: Fuck Yeah! Metal Cats, a photo blog collecting the most kvlt of kittie images. Don’t worry… your work can wait. [via …

Metal Blade Records announce the signing of Sweden’s Kvlt Black Metallers Istapp

Hailing from Blekinge, Sweden on the frozen coasts of the Baltic Sea, are the three warlords that form ISTAPP. Mordechai von Renvaktar, C. Ashuck von Renvaktar and Fjalar have set out on a campaign to destroy the sun and all of its followers. To this end, ISTAPP has joined forces (or “conquered”, if you ask …

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