Tag: Landfall

DORO PESCH’s House In Long Beach, New York Destroyed By Tropical Storm Irene

German “metal queen” Doro Pesch flew from Düsseldorf to New York yesterday morning, just three days after Tropical Storm Irene made landfall just west of her second home on Long Island. When she arrived in Long Beach, a city of 33,000 with many apartment buildings built nearly up to the Atlantic Ocean, instead of her …

If Hurricanes Were Named After Metal Icons

I am kind of annoyed at the irrelevance of the names of hurricanes these days.  Maybe all of the normal names like Andrew and Katrina have been spoken for leaving us with names that were irrelevant long before Bret Michaels.  I’m sure somebody has an Arlene, a Gert, a Beryl, and a Cristobal in their …

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