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IHSAHN Re-Releasing “The Adversary” As Limited Edition 2XLP

Ihsahn, known for his work with famous black metal act Emperor, will now be re-releasing his debut solo album The Adversary as a limited edition 2XLP, including layouts by Trine + Kim Design Studio. Pre-orders will be available starting on November 6th, 2012 through Blood Music. Ihsahn’s latest album “Eremita”┬áis out now.

ARCHGOAT To Record New Mini-LP

ARCHGOAT will record five new hyms of Angelslaying Black Fucking Metal this coming July. The mini-album should be released in October of this year. More information to follow in the coming weeks. In other news, both full lengths, Whore Of Bethlehem and The Light-Devouring Darkness layouts are currently being reworked by Finnish artist Helgorth from …

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