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BRIAN ROBERTSON and KINGDOM COME: Full Album Listening Party via AOL

Brian Robertson and Kingdom Come are having their albums released by SPV/Steamhammer tomorrow!  Here’s the breakdown on each: Robertson, who has been part of Thin Lizzy and Motorhead, is releasing “Diamonds and Dirt” which will be his first solo release. Kingdom Come will also be releasing “Rendered Waters”. AOL Music is being uber cool by  …

HATESPHERE: Announce New Frontman

After several auditions in Copenhagen, HATESPHERE is now ready to announce their new frontman, Esben “Esse” Hansen and a string of German and Austrian live dates. Esben “Esse” Hansen, who also sings in As We Fight, immediately joins the ranks of HATESPHERE. However, bassist Mixen Lindberg has chosen to leave HATESPHERE for other projects. Mixen …

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