ANVIL Frontman Discusses ‘Anvil Aid’ Christmas Campaign With Swedish Radio Station (Audio)

Bandit Rock, the biggest rock radio station in Sweden, talked to Guitarist/vocalist Steve “Lips” Kudlow of Canadian heavy metal legends ANVIL about

What is a Biffy Clyro? The Question On Everyones Lips

ENGLAND–The Metallica Throws a Bone to Their Less Successful Peers Charity Festival continues next summer as the Big Four of thrash have

Trailer for The 69 Eyes’ “Back in Blood”

THE 69 EYES will releasing their new album Back In Blood very shortly and they’ve got a little trailer for you. It’s

Thy Will Be Done Talk Beards, ‘Taches, and Grooming

Vince Neilstein of MetalSucks caught up with vocalist J. Costa of THY WILL BE DONE at The New England Metal and Hardcore

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