INFERNAL Looking for a New Drummer; Date for Upcoming Album Pushed Back

David Parland of Swedish act Infernal has checked in with the following announcement about seeking a new drummer and pushing back a

EMPIRES OF EDEN Reveal Tracklist for “Channelling The Infinite”

Empires Of Eden has announced the release of the third album Channelling The Infinite with a Japanese release date of June 1

EMPIRES OF EDEN Unleashes “Channelling the Infinite”

Empires of Eden is proud to announce the release of Channelling the Infinite, the third album from global recording project Empires of

GWAR European Tour on Despite Missing SCUMDOG

Ancient Antarctic metal marauders GWAR will carry on with their plans to tour Europe in Jan. 2012, despite the recent death of

Ozzy States Black Sabbath Reunion “Yes, it’s a very, very strong possibility”

Jillian Mapes of Billboard reports: Speculation surrounding a Black Sabbath reunion including Ozzy Osbourne arose in August, when the Birmingham Mail reported

SLIPKNOT’S Clown Creating Maggot Bible From Fan’s Art

Slipknot’s artistic “Clown” – aka M. Shawn Crahan — is creating the Maggot Bible and calling for all his little “maggots” to

TONY IOMMI’s Manager Not Denying Possible BLACK SABBATH Reunion

Here we go…a response to the response from the initial release.  I stated yesterday that it had been reported that Sabbath would

BLACK SABBATH: Damnit! Are They or Aren’t They!

A Birmingham reporter is on my shit list and by the looks of a released statement by Tony Iommi, he’s on

SONS OF ANARCHY Support The Troops with Ride in Hollywood

The Boot Campaign  is inviting motorcycle aficionados throughout Southern California to pair some combat boots with their leathers and join the “Sons

Heavy Metal Heritage is Celebrated at The Public

THE region’s rockers and heavy metal heritage will be celebrated during an event highlighting the influence of Birmingham and the Black Country

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