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PRO-PAIN to release The Final Revolution December 3rd

¬† Tracklisting and Cover Art Revealed The American hardcore metal legend PRO-PAIN are set to release their new studio album The Final Revolution on November 25th, 2013 (Germany: November 22nd, 2013; US/Canada: December 3rd, 2013). Tracklisting: 1.Deathwish 2.One Shot One Kill 3.Southbound 4.Problem Reaction¬†Solution 5.The Final Revolution 6.Can’t Stop The Pain 7.All Systems Fail 8.Want …

Braindrill Complete New Album

BRAIN DRILL has completed work on their follow up to 2008’s tech death masterpiece, Apocalyptic Feasting. The band will again take fans on a mind-melting voyage through the boundaries of exactly how incredibly technical death metal can be. Quantum Catastrophe continues to push the band to their physical limits while somehow still exhibiting their trademark …

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