JACK OSBOURNE Filming Behind-the-Scenes Footage for Making of Black Sabbath’s New Album

Britain’s The Sun newspaper has reported that Jack Osbourne is the brains behind the behind-the-scenes video (see below) that takes viewers into the studio

“Iron Man: The Best Of Black Sabbath” To Be Released On June 4th

To celebrate the return of Black Sabbath, a new Black Sabbath compilation is being released this summer. Iron Man: The Best Of

Black Sabbath Guitar Hero Tracks Out This April

The April lineup of downloadable songs for Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero players has been issued. It will see additions from

Black Sabbath Guitar Hero Release Date!

The BLACK SABBATH pack for Guitar Hero 5, which was originally scheduled for last month, will finally be made available for purchase

Black Sabbath Debuts Master Tracks as Compatible Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero Downloadable Songs

Guitar Hero will be offering tracks from Black Sabbath as a series of Downloable Tracks in February. Other rock acts getting a

Black Sabbath on eBay

An original Master of Reality master tape set, consisting of two Ampex 456 quarter-inch tapes, in good condition, is being auctioned via

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