IMMORTAL DOMINION: New Album w/Kickass Low Price

Finally, a band actually helping out their fans financially.  Immortal Dominion are offering their new album “Primortal” at a special low price.


Norwegian blackened punk metallers KVELERTAK were honored in the “Best Newcomer” and “Best Rock” categories at the 39th annual Spellemann awards (the Launches Fully Customizeable Band Profile Pages, Challenges Myspace Music

Online community with over 250k members and 40k bands looks to further foster artist development and promotion Myspace Music has had a

LOUDTRAX.COM “We Dare You To Cookup Lemmy” Contest Update

In January, we told you about a crazy contest that was holding that featured Lemmy’s sick recipe in the Mosh Potatoes

We Dare You To Cook Up Lemmy Contest

Legendary Motorhead front man Lemmy Kilmister has a recipe that is so metal it could only be featured in Steve Seabury’s heavy

Rave Metal? Meet Be My Enemy

What is ‘Rave Metal“? Meet BE MY ENEMY, who are releasing their new album This is the New Wave on October 26.

Trap Them Sign to Prosthetic Records

Prosthetic Records‘ has signed Seattle’s TRAP THEM.  The band’s sound combines elements of old school Swedish death metal, punk, and d-beat and

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