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How is Keith Richards Still Alive?

It is the question muttered all across the world…how is Keith Richards still alive? His name is truly synonymous with rock and roll excess. Keith Richards has just released his autobiography, and with it comes some interesting commentary. Head over to the BBC for a 5-minute interview with Richards and to get some great quips …

(hed)p.e.: Details Unveiled For New Album “Truth Rising”

Details have been revealed for (HED)P.E.’s new album “Truth Rising“. Both the cover art and track listing can be found over at the pre-order page for the effort, which is due out through Suburban Noize on October 26th. Included in the pre-order is a special 4 song EP which also sports a 30 minute interview with band frontman Jared …

Metallica to Release Live DVD Filmed in France

METALLICA are poised to release a live DVD entitled Francais Pour Une Nuit (translation: French For One Night) on 23 November. This will be their first ever French concert DVD. It was filmed at the Roman Coliseum in Nimes, France in July of 2009. Francais Pour Une Nuit is unique in that not only was …

Judas Priest’s Ian Hill Speaks to French-Canadian Radio

Carl Forgues of Quebec city radio show Metal7080 has conducted an interview with JUDAS PRIEST bass player Ian Hill. Watch/listen below. Forgues and Hill talked about the British Steel tour, working with Tom Alom, bass instruments, and cars. The 13-minute interview was recorded on July 31. Ian Hill Of Judas Priest – A Metal7080 Interview

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